SEEMEE 30 Front Light

New version daytime running light lets you be seen all day long.
-30 LM
-IPX 6 waterproof rate
-3.5H-55H running time
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Model: SEEMEE30

Lumen: 30 LM

Runtime: 55 h

Visibility: 230 °

Distance: 800 m

Waterproof Rate:IPX6

Weight: 0.81 oz

Dimensions: 65*14*21mm

•Maximum 30 lumens, 230° of light, and visible from up to 800 meters.
•Ambient light sensor for automatic mode adjustment and better warning effect.
•Low power mode to extend running time efficiently.
•High transparency lens and lighting strap  provide more uniform light.
•Translucent body design with superior side visibility.
•Memory function and multi-modes to satisfy varies riding scenarios.
•Feathery 0.84 oz, and  exquisite house design with IPX6 waterproof rate.
•USB rechargeable  and easy-to-read power indicator.

Full Review :

When it comes to bike lights, they generally fall into two bins: the compact ‘be seen’ type and the powerful ‘to see’ type.
As the name implies, the ‘be seen’ lights ensure you are visible to others on the road but don’t provide enough illumination to see with. The benefit of these style lights is that they are lightweight, compact, and offer versatile mounting. In this review we’ll be looking at the Magicshine Seemee 30, their latest ‘be seen’ light combo set. With a low retail price, the headlight and tail light offer an impressive 30 lumen output along with an integrated ambient light sensor. Despite being the most affordable light in the updated Seemee lineup, the Seemee 30 also shares the same constant, flash and smart output modes.

The Magicshine Seemee 30 head light and tail light share the same housing design aside from the different color LED output. They both have a tall and narrow rectangular profile with a lens design that utilizes COB LED for a nice uniform light output. You’ll find the Magicshine logo ghosted onto the left and right sides of the housing. With the light off, the lens is not visible from side angles, which initially had us worried about side visibility. However, part of the housing surrounding the lens of the Seemee 30 is transparent and becomes illuminated when the light is on, thus allowing for 230° visibility. The mounting hooks are directly molded onto the housing for a clean design. Despite the diminutive size and low cost of the Seemee 30 lights, Magicshine has integrated an ambient light sensor.

As with the other Seemee tail lights (i.e. 100, 180, and 200) the sensor is used to adjust the settings while in special smart output mode. If the sensor detects higher ambient light, the smart mode has a slower on-off flash output that ensures you remain visible during the day. In low-light situations, the output mode switches to a low power / high power flash setting to improve nighttime visibility. We preferred to ride with the smart mode as it allows the Seemee 30 to automatically choose the best mode for the conditions. This provides a similar experience as the Light and Motion Vya Pro or Bontrager Flare RT and is one of our favorite features...