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Magicshine – Bright Lights, Competitive Price

Magicshine – Bright Lights, Competitive Price

It’s getting to be that time of year that days are becoming shorter, and you have less time to get out after work for your ride. Lights help to extend your day, and can also make you more visible to other road users any time of the day, making them a piece of equipment that I never ride without. While looking at options, I stumbled across Magicshine, a brand that offers a wide range of light products at very competitive prices. They sent one of their  2000 lights for review, which we are currently putting through its paces, but here is a little more on the brand and an overview of the product line in the meantime
The  was founded in 1999, and has over 20 years of experience in lighting. In 2007, they released their first cycling light, the , a single beam LED, external  light designed for mountain biking. Since then, they have worked to refine and diversify their line to include more powerful, longer-lasting lights, along with “be seen” front and rear lights.

Magicshine SEEMEE 30

Magicshine's product line has many athletes and outdoor enthusiasts covered. Besides a wide range of bike lights, the brand also makes headlamps and flashlights that can be used for running, hiking, camping, and any other activity that you need some additional light. Since we are a cycling site, we'll focus on those, but check out their website to learn more about their other lights.

Magicshine SEEMEE 60

Starting at the low end of light output is the SEEME line. These are the “be seen” front and rear lights. The rear lights, the SEEME 20, 30, 60, 100, and 200 rear tail lights all have a maximum output based on their name. Constant outputs are a bit lower, but they all use accelerometers and vibration sensors for some pretty neat tricks. When you are riding and hit the brakes, the accelerometers trigger a burst of flashing strobes at the max lumens to notify other road users you are braking. The vibration sensors allow the light to go to sleep after a minute stationary. Once you start moving, the sensors will turn the lights back on.

Magicshine SEEMEE 200


There is also a front version of the Seeme 30 available in a front/rear pack.

SEEME Model Constant Output Max Output Visibility Max Run Time Weight Price
SEEME 20 TL 20 Lumen 20 Lumen 180 degrees 21.7 Hours 17g $14.99
SEEME 30 TL 30 Lumen 30 Lumen 230 degrees 40 Hours 24g $16.99
SEEME 60 TL 30 Lumen 30 Lumen, 60 Lumen Brake Strobe 180 degrees   34g $29.99
SEEME 100 TL 72 Lumen 100 Lumen 260 degrees 12 Hours 36g $34.99
SEEME 180 TL 125 Lumen 180 Lumen 260 degrees 50 Hours 40g $39.99
SEEME 200 TL 140 Lumen 200 Lumen 260 degrees 50 Hours 40g $44.99

Next up is the ALLTY Line. These are Magicshine's line of internal battery headlights suitable for road use. The brighter lights are also for trail use. The entire line is rated as    waterproof (2000 is   ), made with a metal case for durability, uses a Garmin mount, and an efficient LED main beam. The 1000 and higher models also include a daytime running light.

Magicshine ALLTY 2000


The ALLTY 2000, the model we will be reviewing, is unique amongst the line. It features dual   lights, one to handle near the light, the other shoots a further out. It also has an LED screen on the top that can show light mode, battery level, and remaining time left. The battery is also removable, so you can buy a backup for longer riders and swap once the first battery is dead.

ALLTY Model Max Output Run Time Weight Price
ALLTY 400 400 Lumen 1.8-17 Hours 85g $29.99
ALLTY 600 600 Lumen 1.5-7 Hours 107g $39.99
ALLTY 800 800 Lumen 1.4-11 Hours 172g $59.99
ALLTY 1000 1000 Lumen 1.8-28.5 Hours 133g $84.99
ALLTY 1500 1500 Lumen 2-30 Hours 133g $89.99
ALLTY 2000 2000 Lumen 1-14.5 Hours 183g $149.99

Last up, the MONTEER line. These are Magicshine's brightest lights and feature a separate battery. The MONTEER is the light for aggressive night trail riding or any time you need the path ahead lit up like it's daytime.

Magicshine MONTEER 8000S Galaxy

There are only two lights in the line, the 6500S Zeus and the 8000S Galaxy, producing a maximum of 6500 and 8000 lumens respectively. They use two different banks of CREE LED's, one as a spotlight, one as a floodlight. You can use the Banks separately, or Together to Produce A Hybrid of both, Along with Different Intensities is and Flashing Modes. All of this IS Controlled from A SINGLE Button ON The Top of The   . Of The shell IS Made from   CNC'D Aluminum and Features A FIN Design to help keep the    cool. They are rated at IPX5 waterproof to stand up to the worst conditions.

The MONTEER battery packs feature two 5,000 mAh cells to create a 7.2V 10,000 mAh pack. It can attach to your frame using two velcro straps, and charges using a USB-C connector.

MONTEER Model Max Output Run Time Weight Price
6500S Zeus 6500 Lumen 2-40 Hours 144g Light/ 287 Battery $349.99
8000S Galaxy 8000 Lumen 1.5-32 Hours 144g Light/ 287 Battery $399.99


As mentioned earlier, we have an ALLTY 2000 in for review. I used it for a 5+ hour gravel ride in the rain in flashing mode. It barely made a dent in the battery and worked well mounted under my Wahoo Element. I need to put some time in with it on a night ride, but I have no doubts that it will light my way without a problem.