Magicshine MJ 902S

MJ-902S Equipped with high efficiency, high transmittance optical lenses, producing the perfect lighting solution for bike and E-Bike:
Shimano, Yamaha,Bosch,Brose.
Lumen: 3000
Battery: 7.2V 7000mAh
Waterproof: IPX 6
Runtime: 1.5-42 H
Description Detail Video Product Review
Lumen: 3000LM 1500LM 1000LM 450LM 25LM
Runtime:   1.5H 3H 6.0H 14H 42H


Brightness VS Power
Limited Power(W) Product Power (W) Brightness
10 4-8 400-1000
20 10-18 1800
30 20-28 2800


                                                                                                    The smaller and brighter MJ-902S and MJ-906S

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The MJ series of bike headlights are arguably one of Magicshine’s most popular series of wired bike lights thanks to their bright output and affordable prices. In this review, we’ll be looking at two of the brightest variations in the updated MJ lights, the Magicshine MJ-902S and MJ-906S. As with their predecessors, the light specs don’t disappoint with 3000 / 4500 lumen output and $139.99 / $199.99 retail prices respectively. Both lights share a modern and compact headlamp design that consists of DRL and dual LEDs with a soft beam cutoff. Gone are the rubber mounting straps, as Magicshine has integrated Garmin style mounts that make the lights compatible with most out-front mounts or helmet mounts. The primary difference between the lights are the battery packs as the MJ-902S uses a MJ-6116C 7Ah battery while the MJ-906S has a larger MJ-6118 10Ah battery to achieve the higher output. While neither of these lights look as intimidating as the previous MJ-908, which has been discontinued, both lights offer more modern features and bright output.


The updated Magicshine MJ-902S and MJ-906S continue the legacy of the MJ series with impressive output, modern features, and competitive prices.

Rating 8.7/10

Retail Price $139.99 (MJ-902S) / $199.99 (MJ-906S)

Measured Weight (in g) 78 (MJ-902/906S) / 302 (MJ-6116C) / 422 (MJ-6118)

Likes + Integrated DRL

+ Garmin compatible mount design

+ Compatible with E-Bikes

Dislikes – Basic handlebar mount

– Confusing number of output modes

– Remote switch not available for helmet mounting



The Magicshine MJ lights are each shipped in simple black cardboard boxes with glossy graphics. The headlight and battery packs are held securely in place inside custom foam cutouts at the top of the box with the accessories hidden underneath.

Inside the MJ-902S box you’ll find:

MJ 902S headlight

MJ-6116C 7.2V 7Ah battery pack w/ Velcro straps

Micro USB to USB charging cable

Handlebar mount + multiple length straps

Allen key

Instruction manual

GoPro-to-Garmin adapter

Inside the MJ-906S box you’ll similarly find:

MJ 906S headlight

MJ-6118 7.2V 10.0Ah battery pack w/ Velcro straps

USB Type-C to USB charging cable

Handlebar mount + multiple length straps

Allen key

Instruction manual

GoPro-to-Garmin adapter

Those familiar with Magicshine will likely miss the custom zippered fabric storage bags the previous generation of the MJ lights were shipped with. The fabric bags were much more convenient to store or travel with the lights than these updated cardboard boxes.



One of the biggest improvements of the MJ series lights are the Garmin compatible mounts molded directly onto the base of the headlights, which means, as with most of Magicshine’s headlights, you can use the lights with a variety of aftermarket mounts instead of having to use proprietary mounts or adapters. Despite the higher retail prices of the MJ-902S and MJ-906S models, Magicshine only includes their basic strap style handlebar mount. This mount is shared with the Allty commuter lights and various other products. It’s one of our least favorite designs as it requires an allen wrench and is tedious to install. We’d highly recommend using an out-front mount such as Magicshine’s TTA mount or third party equivalents for a cleaner setup. Note, while you can run the light upside down, it’s not recommended as the lens’s horizontal deflectors are designed to work upright.

The wired external battery design of the MJ lights means that you do need to route cables and mount the large battery on your frame. The MJ-902S comes with the MJ-6116C battery pack while the MJ-906S includes the higher capacity and slightly larger MJ-6118 pack. Both battery packs have thick rubber pads that prevent scratching your frame and have integrated slots to route the included velcro straps through. Despite the simple design, the straps work well and hold the battery in place even on bumpy terrain. Compared to earlier generations of Magicshine lights, the wire connectors and attachment points feel much more robust and have held up well for us without any tears or damage.


With the updated MJ lineup, Magicshine has used a more modern and compact headlight design. Instead of grid layout of LEDs the previous MJ-902 and MJ-906 utilized, both the MJ-902S and MJ-906S share the same dual LED headlight with DRL. The design is very similar to the Allty 2000 and is the first time an MJ light has an integrated DRL. Horizontal deflectors on the lens help diffuse the DRL output and partially cover the top portion of the primary LEDs to reduce glare. Also a small lens shield on top of the lens prevents glare when you’re out of the saddle while side cutouts help with side visibility. Thanks to the wired battery designs the headlight itself is very compact with a majority of the metal housing consisting of metal fins to dissipate the heat generated by the LEDs.